• Cellular Phone Accessories and Repairs in Kempton Park, South Africa

Cellular Phone Accessories and Repairs in Kempton Park 

We offer a wide and comprehensive range of original and generic cellular phone accessories such as chargers, covers, cables, screens, screen protectors, pouches batteries, car kits, car chargers etc.

You can browse to your heart's content in our shop and be assured of the best and approved accessory for your cellular or mobile phone to make a statement and also ensure that you do not damage your handset or affect your handset guarantee.  All our accessories are guaranteed.

We also undertake repairs of all makes of cellular phones in our shop.  Those handsets under manufacturer's warranty will be taken to the relevant manufacturer and we will ensure it is repaired as effectively as possible.  Where cellular phones are out of the manufacturer's warranty we can undertake the entire repair on a very cost effective basis in our own store by our qualified technicians.   We even serve the Insurance Industry, so we will gladly assist with your insurance quote and replacement and we have the equipment to safely test and diagnose your cellular handset for latent defects and/or power surge (lightning) damage.

When it's time to decide on the perfect cellular phone accessory, please give us a call or visit our store in Kempton Park today at:

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